10 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Computer

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It will be important for you knowing the way to keep the well performance of your computer. The well performance of your computer will influence the sense when you want to use it finishing your job or something else. In this occasion, we will talk about the ways to maintain your computer. I am sure that this matter will be important to do. You do not need to worry because all ways is easy to do and for increasing the result of maintenance, it will be nice for you to do all ways regularly. Please read this writing wholly!

Back up your data

Backing up the data can be one of the ways in computer maintenance. Why do people need to do this way? Backing up the data will be the excellent way, especially when you want to keep the safe of your data. We do not know when the malware and the virus will come to our computer. We all know that malware and virus will disturb the system inside the computer and sometimes, it will cause the losing data. In order to prevent that matter, backing up can be the essential way. There are some new apps, which you can choose to do that.

Clean dust from your computer

It is one of the easy ways to do when you want to keep the clean and the well condition of your computer. Sometimes, dust is very disturbing for the computer. For example, the dust will decrease the well sound of the speaker. In other hand, the dust also will disturb the look of the display. It will be nice when in the way to maintain your computer, you clean the dust of the computer regularly. The easiest way to do here is by using the wiped with some special liquids. Of course, you need to be careful in your cleaning way.

Clean up the cabling

Another thing, which can be the nice idea when you want to re-set your computer, is by arranging and cleaning the cabling matter. I am sure that it will be nice for you because the nice cabling will increase the neat of your computer. In other hand, the nice arrangement of cabling also will decrease the risk of broken cable, especially when you take walk near it. There are some ideas, which you can apply on it. See the example based on the picture there.

Organize installation disk

This way will be nice to be applied when you want to have the special arrangement of the software of your computer. For example, when you want to collect the kinds of movie, song, or other, it will be nice when you put it in a single folder. The same situation of way in computer maintenance can be applied when you want to arrange the installation software. Placing the kinds of file by the categories will be useful, especially when you want to remove, to repair or to add it. Of course, you also need to see the free space of your disk!

Run great antivirus

Another ways, which can be nice to maintain your computer, is by running the great antivirus. The common problem happen inside the system of the computer is the infection from malware and viruses. Malware and viruses will damage the system of the computer and it will decrease the performance of it. In this case, antivirus can be one of the useful software to handle it. By using the antivirus, you may detect the malware and viruses easier. In other hand, you also can set the cleaning time to have the regular cleaning.

Clean up the software

You need to know that when you run a kind of software, sometimes the cache will fulfill the free space. You need to know about this. By this situation, it will be nice for you to check the condition of your software regularly. How to check the condition of it? Well, you only need to go to control panel and click the software, which you want to clean. Cleaning the cache of the software also can be done by using the kinds of selective apps, such as the Tune Up Utilities and others.

Clean the OS

OS or Operating System is one of the most influential thing inside the system of computer. The kind of OS will influence the completely running program of it. It can be said that OS is the brain of computer. By the important use of OS, you need to pay more attention about it. Here, it will be nice for you to clean the OS. Sometimes, your computer will be getting slow because the OS is full of junk file. Well, here, you need to clean it. In other hand, the old OS also can cause the slow performance of the computer. Here, you need to update it to maintain your computer.

Update everything

Updating all program of your computer becomes one of the most effective way to increase the performance of the computer. In simple, the new version of the program will provide the new technology and it is better than the old one to maintain your computer. By applying the new program, I am sure that you will have the more responsive performance of your computer. How to update the program? For software, you can check it via control panel or turning on the automatic update. Then, for hardware, you can check the better version of it.


Defragment becomes one of the important thing, which you need to do when you want to refresh the condition of your computer. It will be important to know what happen inside the disk of your computer. Defragment will be nice in the way to maintain the condition of your hard disk. In other hand, it is also effective to throw the risk of broken hard disk. Then, how to do this defragment? Here, you can click the accessories menu in your computer and choose the system tool. Inside the system tool, you can choose the disk defragment menu. It is simple, isn’t?

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