Future Smartphone Mobile Tech Review to Be Awaited

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Mobile technology is increasingly more sophisticated so that it is interesting to discuss about mobile tech review that will be used for future mobile phones. Today, we can enjoy the latest technology like touch screen feature. In the future, what can you enjoy? There are many plans related to technology that will be applied on mobile phone. It purposes to meet people’s need and satisfy the customers. Anyway, if you want to know more, you need to pay attention to the review below.

Augmented Reality Technology

One of the technologies that will come on future mobile phone is Augmented Reality or also well known as AR. This technology provides more complete information for us as the users by combining the data from computer so that it provides what we can see in the real life. For example, by using a mobile phone camera, you can find information about café, restaurant, or other public places around it. Considering the use, this technology becomes one of the most awaited features applied on mobile phone. Anyway, this future mobile phone technology offers many benefits for the users.

Flexible Screen Technology

Today, Smartphone is popular with its touch screen. However, in the future you can enjoy the more experienced design. Even though it is still just a plan, flexible screen can be a good feature to wait. In the future you can enjoy Smartphone that is designed with Organic Light Emitting Diode or also well known as OLED. With very thin screen, mobile phone will also be flexible so that you can fold it freely. It also eases you to bring and use it because of the flexible screen. After knowing this mobile tech review, you should wait for it for a few next years to enjoy it.

Flip 3 Flexible Super AMOLED

Similar to the previous technology, it is also a technology that allows you to fold the mobile screen. However, it offers different design. This technology offers flexible screen where there are 3 screens and they are connected each other so that it looks like a triangle. Even more, the form can also be changed into different ideas besides triangle. Of course, it will not only look more attractive but it also feels more enjoyable. Anyway, you need to know this mobile phone technology review.

Windows Transparent Technology

In relation to mobile tech review, there will be window phone that is designed with transparent body. With transparent design, it will give you more experienced use. Of course it will be much more enjoyable so that the users will feel excited. Besides that, it also offers a great benefit that is to reflect the weather at the present time. For example, if it is rain there will be drops of water on the screen. When the swallow falls, the screen will look beady. To change the mode, you just need to blow the screen. It is very sophisticated, is not it?

Aqua Smartphone Technology

Samsung is the most successful company that produces Smartphone. It is also a company that popularizes Smartphone. So, Samsung always finds new technology to attract many buyers. One of the innovations from Samsung is that they will produce Aqua Smartphone. This technology is completed with AMOPLED and futuristic user interface. With transparent design, it applies touch screen technology that looks like water. This new innovation is hoped to be able to attract many buyers. So, if you are interested in it, you should wait for it patiently. Anyway, it belongs to latest mobile phone technology that is very sophisticated.

Envei Smartphone Technology

Then, you will also be able to enjoy Envei Smartphone tech. For the mobile tech review, this technology will be brought by Nokia. This technology makes the Smartphone look unique. Comes with AZERTY keyboard, it is also featured with LCD screen. The LCD screen is also designed with a unique shape that looks like an envelope. It is hoped to be able to attract many buyers. Anyway, it is a good technology that should be awaited.

HumanForm Smartphone Technology

Still from Nokia, they offer future technology for Smartphone. Once again, Nokia emphasizes the unique shape. The technology offered by Nokia is called HumanForm. This technology offers a transparent design. Besides that the shape is also very unique. Even more, it is very flexible that allows you to fold and rotate it freely. It also comes with Wiimote with many buttons. However, it can be adjusted if you do not like many buttons. Overall, this technology is very interesting and is predicted to be able to attract many customers.

Hologram & Folding Screen Technology

The next future technology comes from Apple. As we know Apple is one of the most successful companies that provide Smartphone. For the future, Apple will offer Holograms & Folding Screen. If you are curious about it, you should pay attention to this mobile tech review. This tech comes with futuristic design that looks beautiful. It is also living environment, sophisticated, and modern. It is designed in form of hologram. It can be folded too. Anyway, this technology will make you able to enjoy your Smartphone with greater experience.

Rollerphone Technology

It is a brilliant technology that allows you to wear this Smartphone like a bracelet. You can wear it on your hand. The screen can be rolled out when you want to use it. If you do not use it, you can roll it in again. This technology is very interesting because you can be easier to bring your Smartphone? Are you interested in this technology? Let’s wait for its release.

Toyota Car with Giant Touch Screen Doors Another best future technology that you can find related to mobile is a car that comes with giant touch screen doors. This car is designed by Toyota. Even though it is still a plan that will not be realized in one or two next years, this insane technology will be awaited so much by many people especially Smartphone users. That is all mobile tech review that will come in the future. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you all.

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