Latest Technology Mobiles that You Can Enjoy Today and Future

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Today, technology is increased fast especially on mobile so that you need to know the latest technology mobiles. Now, Android still becomes the most favorite mobile in the world because of its sophisticated technologies and features. However, you need know the latest tech so that you will get updated information. As the time goes, mobile technology will always be increased to meet people’s need. So, what are the latest techs that you can find on mobile phones? You need to know the following latest techs.

Textured Touch Screen

Today, most of the mobile phones apply touch screen. In fact, most people like using touch screen mobile phone because it is much more fun. It also makes you easier to operate the mobile phones. That is why touch screen mobile phones are increasingly more and more popular. However, you should be ready to welcome the future technology on mobiles to upgrade this touch screen tech. In the future, touch screen technology will come with texture. For example, you may have a mobile phone with sand textured touch screen mobile phone. And there are many textures applied for touch screen technology.

Mobile Phones Can Identify Diseases

There are many professionals who plan that they will apply a sophisticated technology on mobile phones. This technology is able to identify diseases. It is because diseases are more various in the world. The mobile phones will identify whether the users have diseases or not through the users’ breathe. Besides that, the technology can also identify various diseases through the smell from the users’ mouth. Of course, it is very great for the future. That is why it can be considered as one of the latest technology mobiles that you will be able to enjoy.

Mobile Phones Can Scrutinize Bacteria

One of the most common factors of disease is bacteria. There are many kinds of bacteria and the most common type of bacteria found on us is E Coli Bacteria. This kind of bacteria can cause various diseases and the spread is also so fast. Fortunately, the professionals have planned a great technology and want to apply it on mobile phones. This technology allows the mobile phones to be able to scrutinize bacteria especially E Coli bacteria. So, it is reasonable to be considered as the newest technology on mobiles that is very useful.

Near Field Communication Technology

Today, can find some mobile phones that are able to be used to open the door. It is because those mobile phones have Near Field Communication or also well known as NFC. It is a sophisticated technology that can control the field near the mobile phone. Of course it is very sophisticated. It belongs to one of the latest technology mobiles because not all mobile phones apply this. This technology is only applied on Nokia mobile phone and in the future you can find that other mobile phone companies apply this great technology.

X-Ray Technology on Mobile Phones

X-ray also belongs to the latest technology on mobile phones today. There are many functions of X-Ray. For example, at an airport, it is used to scrutinize what people bring inside their bag. On the medic, it can be used to scrutinize organs inside people’s body. So, you can imagine how sophisticated it is if this technology is applied on mobile phones. With X-Ray technology, mobile phones will be more advanced and it will be much more useful and beneficial. SO, are you ready to welcome this technology on your mobile phone?

Mobile Phones Can Trace Other People

One of the latest technology mobiles that we can enjoy today and also in the future is the technology that can help your mobile phone to search and trace other people. Of course, this technology is very useful especially for polices, detectives, etc. Anyway, this technology can be used to know other people’s existence. Even though this technology is not popular yet, you can enjoy it soon a few next years.

Waterproof Technology

Nowadays, you can find easily mobile phones that are waterproof. With waterproof technology, you can use it to capture objects under water or do other functions using your mobile phone under water. However, the feature technology offers the better waterproof. There is no limitation how long you use it under water as well as how deep you bring your mobile phone under water. Of course, this technology is very useful because it allows you to bring your mobile anywhere including when you are diving. This sophisticated technology is very useful for divers who need to communicate using mobile phone.

Face Recognition Technology

It will be very interesting if you can tag someone automatically when you capture other people. With face recognition, your mobile phone can tag the people whom you capture automatically if they are on your contact list. So, you do not need to tag them manually. This technology works by recognizing the faces that appear on the camera of your mobile phone. Considering the good function, it becomes one of the latest technology mobiles that you can enjoy today.

Voice Recognition Technology

The next technology that comes currently is voice recognition. Actually this technology has been applied on many kinds of Smartphone but it is predicted that this technology will be more sophisticated. This technology will be upgraded so that people can use it for better function. This can recognize various voices such as an explosion, a crack, a smash, and other voices. So, it can function as an alert. This sophisticated technology also functions as safety for mobile phones and you will be able to enjoy it soon.

Eye Tracking Technology

Another advanced technology that you can find on current mobile phones is eye tracking. This technology functions to track other people eyes. Today, this technology has been applied on some mobiles but it is still upgraded. Are you curious how it will work for the future use? Let’s see soon. Anyway, it belongs to latest technology mobiles that can meet people’s need. And you will find new other technologies in the futures because mobile phones will always be more sophisticated.

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