The Digital Photography Book from Scott Kelby to Beginners

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Digital photography book can be found everywhere, indeed. However, it is not that all books about it are good to choose. You even have to find the best one for your own current level to read and understand about it. From beginners to even intermediate photographers, many people have recommended one book for you to read. It is the one written by Scott Kelby. Those who have read this book have given it very good rating. That is why you can be sure that this book can promise something for you. You can have high expectation of it, of course. Let’s talk some more about it here.

Scott Kelby – the Writer and the Pro Photographer

How about if we start from the writer himself here? Yes, the writer of the book we are talking about here is named Scott Kelby. However, he is not a mere writer that has only few things to say about photography in his book. Scott Kelby is a pro photographer, you see. His skills in photography are amazing. However, he didn’t want to keep his skills for his own good. That is why he decided to share it to others who need photography knowledge by writing and publishing photography books. Of course, the book we are talking about here is not the first book Scott Kelby has ever written.

There have been many books about photography he has written so far even when we exclude this digital photography book here. Did you know? There are many of his books that get to be best sellers. Because of that, he has been given with a best-selling award winning author of more than one photography book. It is not only that. He is also known as the editor-in-chief of magazine called Photoshop User. He even becomes the president of National Association of Photoshop Professionals. As expected from professional photographer, we can expect no less from him.

Things You Can Find, Get, and Learn in This Book

To tell you the truth, this is pretty complete book for beginners to learn. Various things can be found within this book of digital photography consisting of 11 chapters. In the book, you would often find headings, like when to shoot flowers or even what to shoot in specific weather. Each heading presents the way to deal with any situation related in photography. You can find tip in just every page of the book. Those tips are the very techniques you can learn about photography, of course.

Each chapter covers specific area of discussion, actually. It can be about landscapes, sports, nature, travel, portraits, etc. Mainly, this digital photography book focuses more on the important things you will need to capture certain look. There are photos included too with breakdown to further explain about what compositional elements you will need to catch and replicate those photos. It also included stories from pro perspective with some unique tips to overcome things to keep in mind.

Positive Reasons for You to Read This Very Book

There are actually all sorts of reason that makes it good for you to read this beginner photography book. After discussing what things you will get from this book above, you should have been able to notice that you will get plenty tips you can learn in practical way. It is far better than learning the theories only which will take time for you to remember. Other reason would be that this book covers important aspects in photography. We are talking about Portraiture, Travel Photography, etc. here.

There are many things you can learn from this digital photography book, indeed. What’s more? As it was said earlier, there are photos included as real examples of photography in it. Since this book teaches in practical way, those photos should come in handy to let you see the real things rather than imagining it on our own. Furthermore, this book is very easy to understand since things are explained in such way. Not to mention, it is inexpensive book to buy. It is worth to spend money for.

What Makes It Easy to Learn This Book

Indeed, there is no easier way to understand than explaining things in practical way. Many people find this way of explanation far easier to grasp. However, it is not the only thing that makes it so in this digital photography reference. You see, the light-hearted humor throughout the book also plays quite a role here. The writer uses less formal approach when explaining things. As a result, you will feel like having pro friend in photography that can tell you all sorts of things in easier language.

All of this is done so that the readers get what the writer wants to convey about photography. It is a reference book, but somewhat like informal writing of your acquaintance. Such writing style sometimes is easily accepted, especially for beginners who just decided on learning photography and need some knowledge that is easy to understand. If you are such person, this digital photography book should be the best choice you can choose to learn about digital photography on your own. There might be no need others’ help to understand this book here.

What People Have to Say about It

If you are still not convinced yet about this book, you should have looked through various opinions of other people who have read this book here. However, we are sure that you would find many that have delivered their compliment about it. One reader said, “I found the book an enjoyable read and much of what was suggested was either new to me, or was explained in a more simple way than I had previously encountered.” See? There is reader who like the way the writer explains things in the book. That alone should be enough to convince you that this book is pretty much easy to understand.

Let us give you one more opinion then. Other read said, “I’m recommending the digital photography book to you, as a very useful collection of dSlr tips that are easy to implement with the beginner in mind.” This reader points out directly that this book really is the right choice for beginners. Intermediate photographers still can learn so much from it though. The use of dSlr camera is more focused in this book too. What do you think about this book now? Don’t you think it is worth to buy? It is not expensive, so buying it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Try this book and learn from it.

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